Spring is here, and it’s hard to believe we’re almost one quarter of the way through 2016!


This is my first real blog post since the new website has been launched. It’s still pseudo under construction, so keep checking back. Hopefully it will get shinier and shinier as I add pictures and other fun multimedia!

For now though it works, and I’d like to give Ryan Mentock of Family Care in South Durham a HUGE THANK YOU. I’ve had the idea of adding an online store and streamlining the CSA process, but Ryan is the one who’s made it possible with this website. Family Care has been a great supporter of Dig It Farm, hosting a pick up site every Wednesday down the road from the South Durham Farmers’ Market, and now helping me take the website to the next level.

For those of you who’ve been returning CSAers the last few years, get excited. I’ve always had a ‘you-choose’ CSA option that lets customers pick what they want each week from what’s growing in the field. I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback, but I’ve had to administer it through email, which means extra work, which means it costs more. I’m testing ways to automate the process, and if I can sufficiently streamline it, then it might be the new normal for next year, at no extra cost!

For now, the really awesome news is that the new website takes CSA orders, and credit cards! I still love checks, but for those of you who think I’m living in the 20th century, I forgive you and will happily take credit:) Check out the online store and sign up for the 2016 CSA!

Winter might be long gone, but we’ve still got a long year ahead of us with lots of amazing veggies in store for you!