First 2018 you-choose CSA!

We’re back!!!

Though we had some really nice warm weather at the beginning of February, this winter has kept coming back with more cold weather, and I think we had the last frost only at the end of this last week. Plants have been waiting for the soil to warm up to really start growing, and it’s only been in the last week that everything has really exploded. We’ve started having ripe strawberries over a week ago, but then when it cooled down again the berries decided to wait. Still, it looks like we’re about to have our first big harvest, and that’s a week or two earlier than we usually start harvesting strawberries.

We are behind on emails and CSA communications, but at least we have something to show for it! We built a new packing shed this winter, and the field is more ready for summer than we ever have been at this date in past years. The field is looking good, and we should soon have beets, turnips, herbs, and more to add to the you-choose list!

You-choose CSA – April 24, 2018

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