Final you-choose CSA – November 13!


It’s really hard to believe that tomorrow will be the 27th CSA of the year. It’s the final delivery, and as I mentioned, we’re going to put in a lot of extra sweet potatoes for everyone, so no need to choose sweet potatoes this week. We have pea shoots back on the list again, and we’re maybe as surprised as you to have some more sweet peppers. The frosts of the last couple of weeks killed the tops of all the pepper plants, but when we went to pull up all the pepper plants (over 500 pepper plants), we realized the ground was still so warm that the bottoms of the plants, and the peppers right above the ground, had survived. We harvested a decent number of sweet peppers at the end of the week before the freeze this weekend (the pepper plants are officially completely dead). So if you want one more batch of sweet peppers, this may be the latest we’ve ever had them!

You-choose CSA – November 13