You-choose CSA – Week 15!

Hey all!

The list is unchanged from last week. The big difference on the farm is that we went from having a limited number of heirlooms to having a glut. They all started ripening in the middle of the week last week. If you want extra heirlooms, just make a note of it! We had thunder storms all around us yesterday evening, but even though the ground is getting dry we’re glad we didn’t get hit by the thunder showers as we’re just about to finish getting the field ready to make fall garden beds, and we can’t use the tractor when the ground is wet because it will compact the soil. Three more weeks of the summer CSA after tomorrow’s delivery! The tomatoes are looking really good. Unfortunately, the melons may be on their last legs, as are the cucumbers. We’re going to try to do a late planting of both, but it may not be till late August/early September until either of those crops would be ready.

You-choose CSA – Week 15
W15 You-choose

You-choose CSA – Week 14!

Hey all,

The list is pretty similar to last week, with the addition of canteloupe and watermelon, and heirloom tomatoes. They were all ripening in very small quantities over the last week and a half, and then at the beginning of last week they all started to ripen at once. Hopefully we’ll have them for weeks and weeks to come! It’s hard to believe that it’s Week 14, and after tomorrow’s delivery we’ll be more than halfway through the CSA year, and have five weeks left in the summer CSA. As in years past, we’ll most likely take a break from the CSA after the last summer delivery. That gives us an extra day each week to work on planting all of the fall garden, and usually the CSA re-starts in early to mid-September. This year we’re way ahead of schedule in terms of preparations for fall, and so we may take less of a break than normal. As always, we’ll keep you posted!

You-choose CSA – Week 14
W14 You-choose

You-choose – Week 13!!!

This post is really late this week. I delayed as long as possible so that I could be confident about which new items were definitely going to be ready. A couple of things are sadly no longer available: sweet corn, arugula, fennel, and parsley. We might try a (very) late planting of corn, and the rest of those should be back in abundance in the fall. Despite the big shower we got Saturday afternoon and evening, the tomatoes are looking good, and we have a lot of slicers this week! If you want extra for canning or sauce, just let us know. The cherry tomatoes are starting to pick up as well, and there is also Italian eggplant and okra now available. Sun Jewel melons are tentatively on the list this week also. They’re a somewhat crisp, mildly sweet, oblong melon from East Asia. The sweetest part is the center with all of the seeds, which sounds strange but is totally worth eating. Please pick a back-up just in case they’re not ripe (we seem to be competing with critters in the field for the ripe melons). Though we’ve been waiting for tomatoes forever, it seems like the succession of the different varieties ripening may work out very well, with hopefully an abundance of heirlooms being ready in the next few weeks after the slicers slow down, and starting next week, assuming it’s not too wet, we’ll have more cherry tomatoes than we will know what to do with!

You-choose CSA – Week 13
W13 You-choose

You-choose CSA – Week 12!

Happy Fourth Everyone!

It’s hard to believe that it’s July. It’s true that the more times you do something, the more routine it becomes and sometimes seems to go by quicker. Though this year hasn’t felt routine, we are getting into more of a predictable rhythm and the year really feels like it’s flying by. We’re already getting ready to prep the field for fall, and by the end of the month we’ll have seeded all of the fall brassicas: Brussels sprouts, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collards, and more.

The summer crops continue to be a mixed bag. The corn a week ago was amazing, but we’re starting to see too many ear worms, and some of the corn is overly mature. It’s still on the list this week, but isn’t quite as perfect as before, and the ear worms are worse. We’re still able to find good ears out there though for grilling at night! The cucumbers are starting to produce more, and the tomatoes continue to seem like they’re right on the cusp. We’ve seen just a couple of ripe cherry tomatoes. The heirlooms are still looking like they have a week or two before they’re ready. We grow one determinate, hybrid variety that has good flavor for a standard slicer. It’s called celebrity, and the first ones are available now. They are just starting to ripen, so if you ask for tomatoes and get ones that are still greenish, store them at room temperature someplace dry and out of direct sunlight, and they should finish ripening nicely. The flavor of tomatoes is always affected by the amount of rain, and so they’re a little mild right now. Rain isn’t good for their flavor, or for the overall health of the plants, so we’re really hoping that the forecast is wrong and the storms coming the next few days miss us.

The squash plants have really been struggling, but we continue to plant more and there is a decent harvest out there right now. The peppers and the eggplant are just starting to produce, and the okra are close, so hopefully there will be lots of those to come. We are seeing a bacterial infection called bacteria spot on the leaves of our peppers that we had back in 2014, and it was devastating. We’re hoping it won’t be as bad this year, but it might limit the amount of peppers. It’s a tough disease that both lives in the soil and can come onto your farm via seeds, so it’s difficult to control.

So much of what we do is at the mercy of the weather! Based on what we see right now, if it dries out we should have good tomatoes, and hopefully the other crops will come together to make the summer as good as the spring was!

You-choose CSA – Week 12
W12 You-choose

You-choose CSA – week 11!

The list of veggies is looking pretty similar this week to last week. Sadly the sugar snaps are completely done, and we will miss them until next spring. Surprisingly we still have a few beets, so they’ll remain on the list this week and possibly next week. There was a little behind the scenes trouble with submissions last week, and if you asked for a specific variety/color of cucumber, potato, or carrot, you may not have received the exact type you requested. That is fixed, and shouldn’t be an issue going forward. We are still waiting on the tomatoes! I harvest the very first ripe tomato yesterday, so hopefully it’s a harbinger of many to come. There are so many on the vines, and they look like they’re all going to start harvesting this week, so hopefully there will be many next week! We’re still waiting on a lot of the squash plants, so there is still a limited amount available, but please continue to select a back-up in case we don’t quite have enough. One new, exciting option on the list this week is sweet corn!!! Be aware that as per the organic corn of your childhood, many of the ears have earworms, and usually you can avoid dealing with them simply by lopping off the ends of each ear.

There is a new planting of pole beans coming up, as well as a second round of cucumbers, watermelons, and the peppers, eggplant, the first planting of melons, and okra are all starting to look really good! We’re also going to start pea shoots and sunflower shoots in the next week, to try to augment the dwindling spring greens.

You-choose CSA – Week 11
W11 You-choose

You-choose CSA – Week 10! First summer CSA!

The solstice isn’t until the 21st, so technically we’re starting the summer CSA a day early. That said, when I first started to pay attention to plant life cycles and the calendar year a long time ago, I realized that plants’ sprouting and harvest times often do not line up with cultural expectations based on the four seasons of the calendar. Though summer officially starts Wednesday, many summer crops are ready for harvest at the beginning of June, such as summer squash, basil, and cucumbers. All of that assumes you get your plants started in the greenhouse in the spring when there are still frosts outside, and get them planted at just the right time toward the end of April. Now that many farms use high-tunnels covered in plastic to start their crops even earlier, sometimes at the farmers’ market you’ll see these crops, and even tomatoes and peppers, in early June and even earlier.

We had such a good round of spring crops, and such a busy spring, that we were behind getting a lot of the summer crops in the ground, and so this year our harvest schedule is lining up more with the seasonal calendar than usual. New on the list this week are cucumbers, several types of basil, green tomatoes (which are unripe and great for making fried green tomatoes if you enjoy that, but otherwise hopefully we’ll have ripe tomatoes on the list next week or the week after), and carrots which are much later than usual due to a loss of the first planting. The melons, eggplant, peppers, and okra are all growing and should be ready in July, though the peak season for our eggplant and peppers is usually August.

Thank you all for your continued support, and here’s to a bountiful summer!

You-choose CSA – Week 10 – 1st Summer CSA!
W10 You-choose

You-choose CSA – Week 9 – Final spring CSA!

Hey all!

It’s hard to believe this is the last spring CSA. It has flown by faster than any spring we’ve had before (or maybe I’m just getting older!). The strawberries might have helped it feel so fast, and we have continued to be amazed each week that there are still more berries. That said, I think they’re all but done. I’ve left them on the list in case we can scrounge some more, but it is unlikely. Excitingly, we have a late planting of arugula, that although is not pretty (bugs started making little holes in the leaves as soon as it came up), is young, tender, and tasty! There’s also ridicchio on the list this week, for lovers of that bitter, beautiful vegetable. Other than that, the spring crops continue to dwindle, and there are no more favas, though the snap peas are hanging on.

The cucumbers are getting very close to ready, and should be on the list next week (fingers crossed), and the squash have been struggling, but also should be ready in a week or two. Our late carrots are also looking good and hopefully will be on the list soon. And the tomato plants are getting huge! I’m not sure when we’ll have ripe tomatoes, it always depends on the weather, and for us it’s usually late June. I am seeing some nice green tomatoes on the celebrities, so they’ll be ready first, and the heirlooms should all be coming on in early July!

You-choose CSA – Week 9 – Final Spring CSA!
W9 You-choose

You-choose CSA – Week 8!


It’s hard to believe there’s only one more week of the spring CSA. But if you watch the list of the available produce over the next week, it should be evident. We have fewer and fewer spring crops with each passing day. We were late getting a lot of the summer crops in the ground, but we already have some squash, which is new on the list this week. We harvested all of the green and red cabbage this past week, and it will remain on the list for the next few weeks at least. Potatoes are also starting to be available! Hopefully cucumbers and basil will show up soon, and the tomatoes always take much longer, but the plants are huge in the field and should be ready in about three weeks. This might be the last week for fava beans, and maybe for sugar snaps as well, and the strawberries are all but done:( I included them as an option just in case we can scrounge enough together, but an attempt to harvest more on Saturday after the farmers’ markets was not promising. As the spring crops slow down, we can shift more and more of our attention to the summer plants, and hopefully we’ll have a summer bounty soon!

You-choose CSA – Week 8
W8 You-choose

You-choose CSA – Week 7!

Hey all!

The list is pretty similar to last week. The strawberries are hanging on, and might even recover a little bit from all the rain last week. The spinach and small salad greens are all done, but there’s still a lot of lettuces including Red romaine new on the list this week. Also back on the list are hakurei salad turnips, and we also have a late round of arugula that is just coming up, so fingers crossed, there may be more arugula in a couple of weeks!

You-choose CSA – Week 7
W7 You-choose

You-choose CSA – Week 6!


The list is looking much like last week. We’re out of the gold and Chiogga varieties of beets. There’s a whole other planting of beets that should be ready in a week or two, and while there are no gold beets in the second round, there will be plenty of Chioggas. This rain and cooler weather should refresh the greens, but it’s not good for the strawberries. There were plenty of berries over the weekend, but they may be damaged and slow to ripen this week. New on the list this week is red cabbage. There’s also frisee on the list this week. This endive is a frilly, bitter green that is cherished by some, and too bitter for most people. I do encourage people to try it, but this green is not for the faint of heart.

We’ll be planting a ton of plants this week: 1500 sweet potatoes, about 800 eggplant and peppers, a ton of winter squash and pumpkins, and a good amount of melons, okra, basil, summer squash, cucumbers and more sweet corn. This is the last big planting before the fall, which will be a huge relief and let us try to get caught up on weeding and making the field look good! We’ll continue to do small successions of plantings throughout the summer of squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and basil with the goal of extending the season for the summer crops as long as possible.

You-choose CSA – Week 6
W6 You-choose