You-choose CSA – Week 13!


The cucumbers and squash are slowing down. We have more plantings that are developing, but in the meantime the supply is dwindling and instead of offering a bunch of varieties to choose from, you’ll get a medley if you select them. Eggplant and peppers are both picking up steam though, and you’ll notice you have more options to choose from for both of those categories! I’m also sad to report that we’ve just begun what is becoming an annual summer tradition struggling to expel groundhogs from our field. They’ve moved in over the last couple of weeks and have really gone to town on the pumpkins and melons. We had the best winter squash harvest ever over the last couple of weeks, but I noticed that there were far fewer pumpkins than I expected. It seemed like there were fewer pumpkins than I had seen growing on the plants just a few weeks before that. A hike through some weedy spots nearby in the remains of the sugarsnap peas from the spring revealed the groundhog burrow. And as soon as we harvested the pumpkins that were left, they moved on to the melons. The good news is if we can persuade them to leave the field, there is an even larger planting of melons than the first planting that should be ready by early August, so keep your fingers crossed!

You-choose CSA – July 17

You-choose CSA – Week 12!

Hey all,

New on the list this week is a Korean melon called Sun Jewel. The texture is crisp, and the flavor is mild and sweet. We’ve also started harvesting the winter squash, and we have lots! This is the earliest in the year we’ve ever started harvesting them, and we have butternuts, delicata, and dumpling, and more varieties on the way! Thai basil is also new on the list this week, and there are still tons of tomatoes. The peppers are just starting to sweeten and color, so hopefully we’ll have lots of peppers coming up soon!

You-choose CSA – July 10

You-choose CSA – Week 11!

Hi all,

The cantaloupe, heirloom & Roma tomatoes, and basil are all finally ready. The squash and cucumbers are slowing down, but we should still have a decent amount this week, and new plantings are starting to grow. Lettuce and arugula are finally off the list for the first time since spring, and probably won’t be back til late August or September. We are adding a green succulent to the list called Purslane. It has a mild, tangy almost lemony flavor, and sometimes is a little bitter, and both the leaves and stem are edible. It can be eaten fresh with other greens, or sauteed. It’s incredibly rich in nutrients including various minerals and Omega fatty acids, and might be worth trying if your a greens lover who misses fresh lettuces in the North Carolina summers.

We’re growing a wide variety of cherry tomatoes this year. Sungolds are the sweetest and most popular, and he medley has a fun mix of cherry & grape tomatoes with a wide range of color and flavor.

You-choose CSA – July 3, 2018

You-choose CSA – Week 10!

Hey all,

We’ve finally got a good number of cherry tomatoes ripening, and the slicer and heirloom tomatoes are starting to come in too! We also have spaghetti squash new on the list this week, and the arugula and lettuce are hanging on and we should still be able to get one last good harvest from them.

The winter squash and melons are growing like crazy and hopefully will be ready soon, and I’m sorry to say that the bunched greens from the spring are all pretty much done. We had a great run of spring veggies, and we’ll miss them until they’re back in the fall. Broccoli and cauliflower are off the list as well. They were done before last week, and should have been off the list, so if you requested it last week and didn’t find any in your box, we’re sorry for the hiccup and tried to put extra veggies in your box to make up for it.

The summer squash, zucchini, and cucumbers are still going like crazy, and we’re hoping to get another succession planted soon so we’ll still have plenty in July, but it looks like there might be a little gap between this round and the next.

You-choose CSA – June 26, 2018

You-choose CSA – Week 9!

Hey all!

The summer crops are continuing to come in, and new on the list this week includes green peppers, shishito peppers, eggplant, and cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes and eggplant are limited in number as they’re just starting to mature, so please pick a back up option. In a few weeks — fingers crossed — we should have more tomatoes than we know what to do with. There is also red cabbage on the list, and soon we should have fresh basil and hopefully melons aren’t too much further behind. The spring crops are continuing to dwindle, and while the mixed lettuces and arugula are tender and have great flavor right now, many of the mature greens probably won’t last for more than a week or two, and items like Swiss chard have started to get a very strong flavor. They’re still good if you cook them well and season them heavily, but the chard in particular, along with some of the beets, are starting to get bitter, so just please keep that in mind as you plan your weekly meals!

You-choose CSA – June 19, 2018!

You-choose CSA – Week 8!


The list of greens is dwindling as the weather gets hotter, but we still have some good ones, and we’re starting to see more summer crops. The tomatoes are not quite ready, but we have a lot more summer squash, the cucumbers are starting to produce, and we are about to dig all of our potatoes in the next couple of weeks. We planted a lot of sweet corn this past week. We are late getting it in the ground, so it won’t be ready for a while, but it will be a really nice treat in early August when a lot of the other crops are slowing down. The arugula, lettuces, kale, and collards are all still doing okay, so hopefully we’ll have them for another week or two!

You-choose CSA – June 12, 2018


You-choose CSA – Week 7!

Hey all!

Arugula is back on the list this week! It’s not pretty: this time of year flea beetles are one of the worst pests, and they put lots of tiny holes in the leaves. Don’t let that scare you off though, as other than the (far) less than perfect aesthetics, and maybe a few flea beetles you need to strain out of the greens, this arugula is tender, spicy, and delicious! The fava beans came and went as quickly as they always do. We’re still getting great sugarsnap peas and a few strawberries. New on the list this week are summer squash and zucchini, new potatoes, green tomatoes, and baby carrots. The carrots are slowly maturing, but there may not be enough for the CSA this week, so please choose a back up option in the comments section if you’d like carrots.

We’re still getting caught up on planting. We seeded another succession of melons this past week, and should finish the okra and hopefully sweet corn this coming week. The farm that supplies our sweet potato slips is behind this year, and so we should be planting all of our sweet potato plants (about 2,000) at the end of this week. We’re a little behind on maintaining and trellising the tomatoes, but hopefully we’ll get caught up on that as well, and as we prune back growth that has gotten out of control, we’ll be taking off some early green tomatoes, so those are new on the list this week as well. If you’re skeptical of fried green tomatoes, I recommend looking at some recipes online and trying one. I had a friend’s last summer, and they were so much better than what I remember eating as a child that I’m not sure if my tastes have changed that much or it was just a better recipe, but they were really good!!!

You-choose CSA – June 5, 2018

You-choose CSA – Week 6!


New on the list this week: Napa, green & red cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. The arugula, asian greens, and first round of radishes are all done, but we were lucky to get more arugula seeded before all of this rainy weather, and so we should have more tender arugula in another week or so. We still have great lettuces and other greens, and the sugar snap peas are getting really good. Unfortunately the strawberries are also slowing down, and though we may have enough for tomorrow, please select back-up options in the comments section in case the harvest comes up short.

In another few weeks we should have potatoes, carrots, and pretty soon cucumbers, zucchini and squash, and the rest of the summer crops shouldn’t be too far behind!

You-choose CSA – May 29, 2018

You-choose CSA – Week 5!


New on the list this week: garlic scapes, sugarsnap peas, daikon radishes, and fennel! We have two successions of sugarsnaps in the field right now, and the first one is just starting to put on a lot of peas, so hopefully we’ll have them for a good while. The favas just started producing a lot at the end of the week, and usually do well for 2 – 3 weeks, and we also have several successions of fennel in the field so we may have that for a while as well. The spinach is totally bolted, and we probably won’t have anymore until fall, and the same goes for the cilantro which is too bad. We usually have cilantro well into June and aren’t 100% sure why it bolted so early, though the weather in the 90s last week probably didn’t help.

Most of the other greens are still looking good, and the strawberries are not thrilled with first the crazy heat, and now the endless rain, but there are still berries for the time being. There is still some arugula, but much of it has bolted as well. The good news is we seeded a bunch more right before all the rain came, so we should have another first cutting in 2 -3 weeks! The field is looking really good. We were behind on our summer planting, and now we’re nearly caught up after planting a ton of squash, melons, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplant over the last few weeks. We’ll be planting sweet corn, basil, and okra this week, and hopefully be harvesting zucchini and cucumbers before the spring CSA ends!

You-choose CSA – May 22, 2018

You-choose CSA – Week 4!


There are more strawberries this week, and enough blossoms on the plants that I’m hoping we’ll get at least one more week out of them. With the cooler weather forecast for most of the week, they should continue to put on blossoms, and as long as we don’t get too much rain we should have good fruit ripening for the next couple of weeks!

New on the list this week are Hakurei salad turnips, fava beans, kohlrabi, a few lettuces, and classic round red radishes. We’re continuing to plant more summer crops, and will hopefully be all cut up by the end of the week, with the rest of the melons, winter and summer squash, and eggplant and peppers that are still in the greenhouse all in the ground. Everything in the field is growing so fast we can barely keep up with harvesting the greens and weeding the weeds! We are starting to organize some volunteer work days, and if any of you are interested in coming out either on a Sunday, or one day during the week, let me know and we’ll add you to the volunteer email list!

You-choose CSA – May 15, 2018