You-choose – week 20!

Hey all!

I’m trying something new this week, and offering some foraged fruits that are growing on the property. The first one is a fruit you all are probably familiar with: muscadine grapes. These vines are vigorous and can sometimes shade out trees to the point that they’re harmful, and there’s a giant one growing on the tree right about our water pump. If you’ve never had these grapes before, they can be tangy if they’re a little under ripe, but are generally quite sweet, and taste a little more like “grape flavor” in a supermarket item than the grapes you’re used to at the grocery story. And they have large seeds. That may not sound very appetizing, and I know people who are not fond of them, but I love them! The second item is a new one that I just discovered grows in North Carolina. It’s a type of passion fruit called a Maypop. It’s a soft green pod about the size of the kiwi, and when you pop it open, there’s a slimy pulp with seeds on the inside that reminds me a little bit of pomegranates. It is also tangy and very sweet, though the flavor is totally different from the muscadines. If you want to read more, check out a wikipedia article: Other than that, we’ve got most of what we had last week, plus mixed lettuces, and two different type of turnips. Also, we test dug some sweet potatoes this week and they’re looking good! We will not be able to get them out of the ground if it’s wet, but hopefully the ground will dry out after the rain that’s forecast for Tuesday, and we’ll be able to harvest all of the sweet potatoes over the next couple of weeks.

You-choose CSA – Week 20
W20 You-choose

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