You-choose – Week 19 (first fall CSA)!

Hey all!

The CSA is back and ready to go for the fall! A lot of the fall crops are still just little plants taking root in the ground. But with all of the rain last week, and the upcoming sunny forecast (Irma, stay away!), they’re rooting and should grow quickly. In the meantime, we have a lot of storage crops and decent selection left from the summer garden, and the direct seeded greens and fall roots are just ready! We’re continuing to plant plants, cleanup the summer garden, and continue our push for getting ready for 2018, including planting strawberries and garlic, which need to overwinter before maturing in the spring. We’ve also been battling with groundhogs in our sweet potatoes. Hopefully we’ve driven them out of the field (though realistically, they’ve probably re-located their burrows, and we’ll continue to play cat-and-mouse over the next couple of weeks till they give up and leave), and there will still be sweet potatoes in the ground when we dig them up at the beginning of October!

You-choose CSA – Week 19
W19 You-choose

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