You-choose CSA – Week 7!

Hey all!

Arugula is back on the list this week! It’s not pretty: this time of year flea beetles are one of the worst pests, and they put lots of tiny holes in the leaves. Don’t let that scare you off though, as other than the (far) less than perfect aesthetics, and maybe a few flea beetles you need to strain out of the greens, this arugula is tender, spicy, and delicious! The fava beans came and went as quickly as they always do. We’re still getting great sugarsnap peas and a few strawberries. New on the list this week are summer squash and zucchini, new potatoes, green tomatoes, and baby carrots. The carrots are slowly maturing, but there may not be enough for the CSA this week, so please choose a back up option in the comments section if you’d like carrots.

We’re still getting caught up on planting. We seeded another succession of melons this past week, and should finish the okra and hopefully sweet corn this coming week. The farm that supplies our sweet potato slips is behind this year, and so we should be planting all of our sweet potato plants (about 2,000) at the end of this week. We’re a little behind on maintaining and trellising the tomatoes, but hopefully we’ll get caught up on that as well, and as we prune back growth that has gotten out of control, we’ll be taking off some early green tomatoes, so those are new on the list this week as well. If you’re skeptical of fried green tomatoes, I recommend looking at some recipes online and trying one. I had a friend’s last summer, and they were so much better than what I remember eating as a child that I’m not sure if my tastes have changed that much or it was just a better recipe, but they were really good!!!

You-choose CSA – June 5, 2018