You-choose CSA – Week 5!


New on the list this week: garlic scapes, sugarsnap peas, daikon radishes, and fennel! We have two successions of sugarsnaps in the field right now, and the first one is just starting to put on a lot of peas, so hopefully we’ll have them for a good while. The favas just started producing a lot at the end of the week, and usually do well for 2 – 3 weeks, and we also have several successions of fennel in the field so we may have that for a while as well. The spinach is totally bolted, and we probably won’t have anymore until fall, and the same goes for the cilantro which is too bad. We usually have cilantro well into June and aren’t 100% sure why it bolted so early, though the weather in the 90s last week probably didn’t help.

Most of the other greens are still looking good, and the strawberries are not thrilled with first the crazy heat, and now the endless rain, but there are still berries for the time being. There is still some arugula, but much of it has bolted as well. The good news is we seeded a bunch more right before all the rain came, so we should have another first cutting in 2 -3 weeks! The field is looking really good. We were behind on our summer planting, and now we’re nearly caught up after planting a ton of squash, melons, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplant over the last few weeks. We’ll be planting sweet corn, basil, and okra this week, and hopefully be harvesting zucchini and cucumbers before the spring CSA ends!

You-choose CSA – May 22, 2018