You-choose CSA – Week 5!

Helllooooo! It’s hard to believe we’re just about halfway through the spring CSA. I’m really happy with this year’s spring CSA. We’ve never had strawberries like this, and they are not about to stop. The sunny, hot weather this week might hasten their decline, but for at least this week we still have plenty. New on the list this week are sugar snap peas, which are still tender and mild and should be sweeter and bigger next week, fava beans that are also tender and small which means you can cook the whole bean fresh and is way less work!, and sorrel which is a tangy, lemony herb that is a lot of fun.

We’re making great progress on the summer crops, and can’t wait to get the melons and sweet potatoes in the ground early next week (hopefully!). As always, we can’t thank our CSA members enough for being great supporters of the farm, making our year so much more predictable, and enjoying our fresh produce!

You-choose CSA – Week 5
W5 You-choose

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