You-choose CSA – Week 27!


This is the last week of the CSA. Holy Cow! It’s been a crazy year, and it’s hard to believe the end is here. We’ve been working on getting ready for the colder weather. It looks like the first real frost is going to hit tomorrow night, so we’ll be hurrying to cover all of the plants tomorrow afternoon, and harvest may start a bit late on Tuesday as we wait for the temperature to warm up. We’re also working on getting new ground plowed for next year, and getting tunnels up to grow more greens in the depths of winter. With so many of the brassicas getting planted late this fall, we still haven’t gotten a good harvest of broccoli or cauliflower. While it’s disappointing, there are lots of other tasty greens that are new on the list this week: escarole, several different types of lettuces, and pea & sunflower shoots are back this week.

Also, with the frost looming, we’ve harvested every last pepper in the field. If you want a TON of peppers, just let me know. We’re pickling a bunch tonight, and even if you don’t preserve them, they’ll keep for a good while.

You all have been great this year. I’m going to send a survey out with the regular Tuesday email, so please provide honest feedback, as that’s the best way for me to know what I need to work on to make a better experience for you! THANK YOU!

You-choose CSA – Week 27
W27 You-choose

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