You-choose CSA – Week 27!

There are some new lettuce and beet options this week, and also potentially broccoli. The broccoli has been really slow to mature this fall. We’re not sure why, but it looks like after tonight it should be warm for the rest of the week, so hopefully it still has plenty of time to mature. If you pick broccoli, please indicate a back up in case it’s not ready. We don’t expect the okra to survive the frost we expect to get tonight, but we’ve gone ahead and harvested all of the remaining green peppers and eggplant in anticipation of a killing frost, so peppers are back on the list this week. It’s been a great year, and we have been so happy to have you all as a part of the CSA. We had a bumper crop of sweet potatoes this fall, and we’re going to put extra sweet potatoes in everyone’s box this week, so don’t pick sweet potatoes! If you don’t like them, give them to a family member or friend for Thanksgiving! Or if you don’t know anyone who likes them, then you can let us know and we’ll hold you sweet potatoes. Thank you for supporting the farm. Your support is helping us to continue to grow each year, providing more awesome, tasty, healthy food to more people, for longer periods of the year, each and every year. We’re already excited for 2018, and planning for it to be our biggest year yet!!!

You-choose CSA – Week 27