You-choose CSA – Week 24!


The arugula is still nice and tender this week, a little larger than the baby arugula we had last week. New on the list this week is mixed lettuces (finally!). There is a ton of it, and it’s right on the cusp of being ready. Please select a back-up, just in case it doesn’t grow that last little bit I’m expecting in the next day. There should be a ton of lettuce next week. The summer stuff continues to slow down, and I keep predicting the end of the okra, but I think there might be enough for this one last week. Still plenty of green peppers, and some sweet peppers. As I anxiously await a lot more of the fall crops to be ready, I’m adding a few items on the list I wouldn’t normally feature. First, sweet potato greens. They’re commonly eaten in cultures that need to be more creative about their food sources, and the greens are rich in nutrients. If you’re curious to try them, check out these recipes: Also, broccoli greens. They’re a lot like collards, and can be used in a wide range of dishes.

You-choose CSA – Week 24
W24 You-choose

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