You-choose CSA – Week 23!

Hey all,

The greens are really growing and looking good. This week we’ve got amazing, tender arugula, good lettuces, and the greens in the mesclun mix are all nice and tender as well. New on the list this week, we also have Swiss chard, kohlrabi, and shishito peppers. We tried to do a late planting of cucumbers, which are actually looking surprisingly good considering how late in the season it is, but I think with this colder weather that’s just come in, we may have missed the window for fall cucumbers. Next year we might try again under plastic tunnels to get a really late round of tomatoes and cucumbers. This week we’re continuing to clean up the summer beds, taking down the tomato trellising, and hopefully getting more late fall/winter greens and roots seeded!

You-choose CSA – Week 23
W23 You-choose

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