You-choose CSA – Week 22!


More greens are on the way! This week we have bok choy, several new types of kale, and collards on the list. And close behind is a new succession of salad greens which will all be ready for next week, including tender new arugula, mesclun greens, and more. There’s also bunch of varieties of head lettuces, and some herbs that should be ready soon. We’re hurrying to finish the beds for strawberry plants, and trying to keep everything watered in this dry weather. It’s unusually hot and dry now, after a wonderfully cool couple of weeks at the beginning of the month, and if this sunny weather keeps up we may have broccoli and cauliflower sooner than anticipated! We generally don’t need to irrigate on the farm too often, but when there are extended dry spells, then it becomes necessary to water every single day, and sometimes we have to run the pump for 5 or 6 hours at a time depending on how much of the field is in production. Still, we’re not complaining becuase the dry weather makes it easier to control the weeds, and we can never get enough help with them. We still need to weed around the irrigation lines where there’s plenty of water for crops and weeds alike. But in excessively dry weather, the weeds really don’t grow outside of the irrigated parts of the field, and that saves us hours and hours of work every week.

You-choose CSA – Week 22
W22 You-choose

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