You-choose CSA – Week 18!

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It’s hard to believe it’s the last summer CSA delivery. This is the fifth year the farm has been in operation, and we’ve finally hit a groove where the time seems to fly by. The farm is starting to mature, starting to really figure out all the different components that go into a really successful growing season. Still, figuring it out and putting all the pieces together are two different things. We had a great tomato season, maybe the best we’ve ever had, and it is in no small part to our new system of trellising tomatoes. I’ll try to get a good picture posted in the next few weeks. We are following modified a system that we learned about from Alex Hitt from Peregrine Farm, one of the premier small farms in the Triangle. He does a tomato workshop, and we’re incredibly grateful for his generosity in sharing the techniques he’s perfected after decades of farming. The new system is not only more efficient, but it can be set up in the off-season so that instead of having to pound posts and mount fencing on the posts in April right before we plant all the summer crops, we can put it up in February to leave us more time to focus on maintaining crops during the much busier months of April and May. And we are hoping next year to plant two successions of tomatoes, one early, and one late. We almost got it done this year, but it didn’t quite happen, and now the heirlooms have pretty much finished producing, and while there are still plenty of cherry tomatoes and some slicers, they’re all slowing down incredibly quickly. If we manage to get a late round of tomatoes in the ground in early July, then we can continue to enjoy tomatoes into September next year! So the list is continuing to dwindle, but there’s still a good selection of veggies, and when we commence fall deliveries in September, there should be a ton of greens ready as well!

You-choose CSA – Week 18
W18 You-choose

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