You-choose CSA – Week 16!


The tomatoes continue to be prolific, though some of the heirlooms are slowing down. Other items like melons, carrots, and cucumbers are also becoming increasingly scarce. We are working to get summer squash and cucumbers re-planted, so that hopefully we’ll have more of those in September, and we’re seeding Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli, and everything else for fall. Every year we try to do a better job planting successions of the same type of crop, so that when the first planting of summer crops ends, there are more on the way. Even the best succession planters are sometimes foiled by unusual weather, and this is the main technique we are focusing on improving. In North Carolina in the summer the main obstacles to doing this are the periods of hot, dry weather that make it difficult to establish new crops, because when it’s really hot and dry the plants almost die as fast as you put them in the ground. The other challenge is when it’s wet, the weeds grow at a staggering rate, overwhelming and shading out young plants. We are working on a mulching system to combat this, and though we can’t give ourselves a very good grade on our summer successions this year, we are optimistic for next summer! We continue to have a ton of storage crops such as potatoes, onions, and garlic, so hopefully those will ease the pain as the melons and the rest of the summer crops inevitably fade away over the next several weeks.

You-choose CSA – Week 16
W16 You-choose

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