You-choose CSA – Week 15!


New on the list this week is okra! We have red and green okra, which are pretty similar in flavor. The green okra is a little behind the red, so right now it’s just a mix, but in the coming weeks you’ll have your pick of color. We also have a new batch of cucumbers and summer squash that are almost ready, and so hopefully they’ll appear on the list in a week or two.

Sad news on the tomato front: most of the tomatoes are really slowing down, and the heavy rain this week means we probably won’t have any for delivery on Tuesday. The one exception is the Romas, which hold up better in the rain, and they store longer, so we should be good on those for this week and hopefully for a few more weeks. We should have other cherry tomatoes back on the list assuming it dries out, but right now they’re all splitting and going bad on the vines from too much water.

The peppers are looking good, and the eggplant are just getting started so we should have tons of eggplant in the weeks to come, and we’ll hopefully have some greens back on the list by late August — definitely by September!

You-choose CSA – July 31