You-choose CSA – Week 15!

Hey all!

The list is unchanged from last week. The big difference on the farm is that we went from having a limited number of heirlooms to having a glut. They all started ripening in the middle of the week last week. If you want extra heirlooms, just make a note of it! We had thunder storms all around us yesterday evening, but even though the ground is getting dry we’re glad we didn’t get hit by the thunder showers as we’re just about to finish getting the field ready to make fall garden beds, and we can’t use the tractor when the ground is wet because it will compact the soil. Three more weeks of the summer CSA after tomorrow’s delivery! The tomatoes are looking really good. Unfortunately, the melons may be on their last legs, as are the cucumbers. We’re going to try to do a late planting of both, but it may not be till late August/early September until either of those crops would be ready.

You-choose CSA – Week 15
W15 You-choose

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