You-choose CSA – Week 13!


The cucumbers and squash are slowing down. We have more plantings that are developing, but in the meantime the supply is dwindling and instead of offering a bunch of varieties to choose from, you’ll get a medley if you select them. Eggplant and peppers are both picking up steam though, and you’ll notice you have more options to choose from for both of those categories! I’m also sad to report that we’ve just begun what is becoming an annual summer tradition struggling to expel groundhogs from our field. They’ve moved in over the last couple of weeks and have really gone to town on the pumpkins and melons. We had the best winter squash harvest ever over the last couple of weeks, but I noticed that there were far fewer pumpkins than I expected. It seemed like there were fewer pumpkins than I had seen growing on the plants just a few weeks before that. A hike through some weedy spots nearby in the remains of the sugarsnap peas from the spring revealed the groundhog burrow. And as soon as we harvested the pumpkins that were left, they moved on to the melons. The good news is if we can persuade them to leave the field, there is an even larger planting of melons than the first planting that should be ready by early August, so keep your fingers crossed!

You-choose CSA – July 17