You-choose CSA – Week 11!

Hi all,

The cantaloupe, heirloom & Roma tomatoes, and basil are all finally ready. The squash and cucumbers are slowing down, but we should still have a decent amount this week, and new plantings are starting to grow. Lettuce and arugula are finally off the list for the first time since spring, and probably won’t be back til late August or September. We are adding a green succulent to the list called Purslane. It has a mild, tangy almost lemony flavor, and sometimes is a little bitter, and both the leaves and stem are edible. It can be eaten fresh with other greens, or sauteed. It’s incredibly rich in nutrients including various minerals and Omega fatty acids, and might be worth trying if your a greens lover who misses fresh lettuces in the North Carolina summers.

We’re growing a wide variety of cherry tomatoes this year. Sungolds are the sweetest and most popular, and he medley has a fun mix of cherry & grape tomatoes with a wide range of color and flavor.

You-choose CSA – July 3, 2018