You-choose CSA – October 9!

It’s hard to believe we’re approaching mid-October already. The average first frost in North Carolina is usually about a little more than a week from now. A few days ago the 10-day forecast was only showing some lows barely below 60. Now all of the sudden they’re forecasting lows in the low to mid-40s at the end of the week, and it looks like we might have a really fast transition from hot summer weather to cooler fall weather, and we’re going to need to start covering the greens to protect them from the frost. We got all of the remaining sweet potatoes out of the ground this past week, and probably harvest 2500 – 3000 lbs total. So we’ll definitely be giving you all many extra sweet potatoes in the final CSA delivery before Thanksgiving, but you shouldn’t be shy about asking for them in boxes before then if you love sweet potatoes. The greens are all looking really good now, and we have a ton of varieties of lettuces, the kale is looking great, and we have a ton of really ripe sweet peppers thanks to the hot, sunny days we’ve been having!

You-choose CSA – October 9