You-choose CSA – October 23!


We had little patches of frost on Thursday morning, and it looks like tonight will be the first real frost of the fall. We have all of the plants covered, and usually the first frost only kills off the summer crops. So, we are harvest ALL of the peppers and eggplant that are left on the plants today. If you ask for green peppers or eggplant, we’ll plan to put a ton in your box this week unless you include a note that you don’t want extra. The same goes for sweet potatoes from now til the end of the season since we had such a big harvest. Also, there are a few new items on the list this week including baby fennel, dill, and collards. Hopefully all of the row covers stay on in the wind tonight and we’ll have lots of sweet greens for the rest of the fall!

You-choose CSA – October 23