You-choose CSA – October 16!


Things are looking okay after Michael this week. We got really, really lucky. Lots of farms near us lost power, many had trees come down on fences and driveways, and many people’s crops were damaged. Some of our plants took a beating, and some have damage from the heavy rain, but all in all things look pretty good, and we’re really thankful that we still most of our veggies. Back on the list this week is pea shoots, and we also now have Hakurei salad turnips, a mild, tasty addition to salads or with sauces or dips, though they get quite pungent if you cook them. We still luckily have summer crops including nice peppers and eggplant, and we’ll see how long the frost holds off and we can keep harvesting them. At the beginning and end of each season I start to obsessively watch the weather forecast looking for when the last or first frost will come. On the 18th the forecast says the lo will just dip into the 30s. Sunday night it currently says 35. I have a theory that more than five days out they revert to just projecting whatever the historical mean is, and this is right around when we would typically get the first light frost. Where our farm is in Bahama it averages 5 – 10 degrees colder some nights than the surrounding area, so generally any forecast below 39 usually means we’ll get a frost. We’ll be watching, and this week we’re setting up all of our row covers to keep the plants safe when it comes!

You-choose CSA – October 16