You-choose CSA – November 6!


We have some crops coming in now that we thought had been lost when the groundhogs went on their rampage right after we planted all the fall crops at the end of August and beginning of September. The baby collards that were on the list last week all grew back from nubs that I didn’t think would ever recover. Now they’re full sized! Same for the purple kohlrabi that are now on the list (though be warned they’re still on the small side). And though I hesitate to mention them as they may not be ready in time for the final delivery next week, the broccoli and cauliflower plants are looking really good after I’d totally written them off, so they might be an exciting final addition next week. Our beets got devastated by caterpillars and insects for the first time ever, but even some of them have pulled through. They aren’t the prettiest, so if you ask for them you may get a random mix of mostly gold beets with a few others, but I’m really happy we have beets at all.

The greens list is slightly less diverse this week, and though we don’t have all of the head lettuces that we’ve had for the past month, the mixed lettuces are still amazing. A quick note about sweet potatoes: if you request them this week we’ll give you a large quantity, and next week we’ll put them in your box in addition to whatever else you request as a end of the year present. Though we don’t want to give you too many and overwhelm you, they don’t spoil for months if you keep them cool, dry, and dark (pantry closets are best), and we had a huge harvest. Unless you specifically request we don’t give you sweet potatoes, we’re going to put a lot in the final box next week.

You-choose CSA – November 6