Final you-choose CSA – November 13!


It’s really hard to believe that tomorrow will be the 27th CSA of the year. It’s the final delivery, and as I mentioned, we’re going to put in a lot of extra sweet potatoes for everyone, so no need to choose sweet potatoes this week. We have pea shoots back on the list again, and we’re maybe as surprised as you to have some more sweet peppers. The frosts of the last couple of weeks killed the tops of all the pepper plants, but when we went to pull up all the pepper plants (over 500 pepper plants), we realized the ground was still so warm that the bottoms of the plants, and the peppers right above the ground, had survived. We harvested a decent number of sweet peppers at the end of the week before the freeze this weekend (the pepper plants are officially completely dead). So if you want one more batch of sweet peppers, this may be the latest we’ve ever had them!

You-choose CSA – November 13

You-choose CSA – November 6!


We have some crops coming in now that we thought had been lost when the groundhogs went on their rampage right after we planted all the fall crops at the end of August and beginning of September. The baby collards that were on the list last week all grew back from nubs that I didn’t think would ever recover. Now they’re full sized! Same for the purple kohlrabi that are now on the list (though be warned they’re still on the small side). And though I hesitate to mention them as they may not be ready in time for the final delivery next week, the broccoli and cauliflower plants are looking really good after I’d totally written them off, so they might be an exciting final addition next week. Our beets got devastated by caterpillars and insects for the first time ever, but even some of them have pulled through. They aren’t the prettiest, so if you ask for them you may get a random mix of mostly gold beets with a few others, but I’m really happy we have beets at all.

The greens list is slightly less diverse this week, and though we don’t have all of the head lettuces that we’ve had for the past month, the mixed lettuces are still amazing. A quick note about sweet potatoes: if you request them this week we’ll give you a large quantity, and next week we’ll put them in your box in addition to whatever else you request as a end of the year present. Though we don’t want to give you too many and overwhelm you, they don’t spoil for months if you keep them cool, dry, and dark (pantry closets are best), and we had a huge harvest. Unless you specifically request we don’t give you sweet potatoes, we’re going to put a lot in the final box next week.

You-choose CSA – November 6

You-choose CSA – October 31!


It’s really hard to believe this is the 25th CSA of the year! Two more weeks of deliveries after this week! We still have some green peppers and eggplant, but most of the plants were damaged or killed by the two frosts we had on the farm last week, so this is really it for those two crops. The only new item on the list this week is baby napa cabbage. Our napa cabbage has struggled this fall, with lots of bug problems, and some stem rot. But we’ve been able to salvage some baby napas that are really tasty. After some really low nights last week, the weather has turned warmer, and we’ve got our fingers crossed that we won’t get another frost for a while! Happy Halloween!!!

You-choose CSA – October 31

You-choose CSA – October 23!


We had little patches of frost on Thursday morning, and it looks like tonight will be the first real frost of the fall. We have all of the plants covered, and usually the first frost only kills off the summer crops. So, we are harvest ALL of the peppers and eggplant that are left on the plants today. If you ask for green peppers or eggplant, we’ll plan to put a ton in your box this week unless you include a note that you don’t want extra. The same goes for sweet potatoes from now til the end of the season since we had such a big harvest. Also, there are a few new items on the list this week including baby fennel, dill, and collards. Hopefully all of the row covers stay on in the wind tonight and we’ll have lots of sweet greens for the rest of the fall!

You-choose CSA – October 23

You-choose CSA – October 16!


Things are looking okay after Michael this week. We got really, really lucky. Lots of farms near us lost power, many had trees come down on fences and driveways, and many people’s crops were damaged. Some of our plants took a beating, and some have damage from the heavy rain, but all in all things look pretty good, and we’re really thankful that we still most of our veggies. Back on the list this week is pea shoots, and we also now have Hakurei salad turnips, a mild, tasty addition to salads or with sauces or dips, though they get quite pungent if you cook them. We still luckily have summer crops including nice peppers and eggplant, and we’ll see how long the frost holds off and we can keep harvesting them. At the beginning and end of each season I start to obsessively watch the weather forecast looking for when the last or first frost will come. On the 18th the forecast says the lo will just dip into the 30s. Sunday night it currently says 35. I have a theory that more than five days out they revert to just projecting whatever the historical mean is, and this is right around when we would typically get the first light frost. Where our farm is in Bahama it averages 5 – 10 degrees colder some nights than the surrounding area, so generally any forecast below 39 usually means we’ll get a frost. We’ll be watching, and this week we’re setting up all of our row covers to keep the plants safe when it comes!

You-choose CSA – October 16

You-choose CSA – October 9!

It’s hard to believe we’re approaching mid-October already. The average first frost in North Carolina is usually about a little more than a week from now. A few days ago the 10-day forecast was only showing some lows barely below 60. Now all of the sudden they’re forecasting lows in the low to mid-40s at the end of the week, and it looks like we might have a really fast transition from hot summer weather to cooler fall weather, and we’re going to need to start covering the greens to protect them from the frost. We got all of the remaining sweet potatoes out of the ground this past week, and probably harvest 2500 – 3000 lbs total. So we’ll definitely be giving you all many extra sweet potatoes in the final CSA delivery before Thanksgiving, but you shouldn’t be shy about asking for them in boxes before then if you love sweet potatoes. The greens are all looking really good now, and we have a ton of varieties of lettuces, the kale is looking great, and we have a ton of really ripe sweet peppers thanks to the hot, sunny days we’ve been having!

You-choose CSA – October 9

You-choose CSA – October 2!


We finally have a much wider array of fall produce this week, including cilantro, radishes, and a variety of salad greens, as well as bunches of spicy mustard greens. We have a new round of pea shoots and sunflower shoots available as well. The only things to go off the list from last week are yellow onions and okra. The okra got really battered from the weather the weekend Florence passed by, and though it’s recovered a little it’s been producing very little.

We will hopefully have more new greens on the list next week!

You-choose CSA – October 2

You-choose CSA – September 25!


New on the list this week is pea shoots and sunflower shoots. If you’re new to these shoots, they’re both edible fresh, including the stems and tendrils. They’re a tasty snack on their own, and also make a great addition to salads, stir fries, or as a garnish on pasta or really any other dish combination you’re curious to try. They’re packed with nutrients, and the pea shoots have a much milder, sweeter flavor, while the sunflower shoots have a strong, nutty flavor. You can read more about pea shoots here.

Otherwise the list looks the same as last week. We are watching the fall crops grow everyday. They were growing incredibly fast last week, but the recent cloudy weather has slowed them down. The baby arugula, bok choy, mustard greens, and kale are all on the cusp of being ready, and should all be on the list next week.

You-choose CSA – September 25

You-choose CSA – September 18 (First fall CSA)!!!


It’s been a busy few weeks for us making preparations for the fall: we have most of the fall transplants in the ground, our first round of direct seeded salad greens are coming along nicely and should be ready in a week or two, and we’re continuing our experimentation with pea & sunflower shoots. If the current batch of shoots goes well, then we’ll have some in next week’s box. We’ve also had a series of ordeals with pest security. A severe lightning storm knocked out our deer fence charger several weeks ago. We replaced it relatively quickly, but it was amazing to see how almost immediately after the fence was no longer electrified, deer started getting through the fence to browse on our pepper plants and chomp the tender, young, fall transplants. We simultaneously were waging a prolonged war with some groundhogs that had moved into several far flung corners of our field. We think we’ve won both of these battles — fingers crossed — and haven’t seen signs of either deer or groundhog in the past week, so hopefully the fall veggies can grow in peace. And we really lucked out this weekend with Florence mostly missing us. We had some minor flooding in the field, but other than roughing up our huge okra plants I don’t think it did any crop damage, so that is a huge relief!

Right now the list of available produce looks much as it did at the end of the summer, with the significant addition of sweet potatoes. We’ve also added Long Island Cheese Pumpkins which can be used for both the seeds and the flesh like a pie pumpkin, and can be roasted, steamed, boiled, eaten with or without the skin, and are great in both savory and sweet dishes. In the next couple of weeks we should start harvesting bok choy, arugula, lettuces, baby kale, radishes, and after that a wider variety of greens and roots. And hopefully the peppers, okra, and eggplant will continue to provide us with a taste of summer until the first frosts arrive in October. One item on the list that you might want to learn more about is sweet potato greens. Not very many people eat sweet potato greens in our culture, though they’ve long been a traditional green in Asia and Africa, and are a great source of vitamin K and vitamin A. You can find a list of culinary ideas at on Epicurious.

You-choose CSA – September 18 (First fall CSA!)

You-choose CSA – August 28 – post-summer make up delivery!

Hey all,

We’re getting ready for fall, and doing one last delivery after the main summer delivery to make up for folks who missed a box during the spring or summer. We’ve got a few herbs back on the list this week, but otherwise everything is pretty much the same until we get all the greens and roots ready for the fall. Stay tuned, we should recommence deliveries in 3 weeks!

You-choose CSA – August 28
W18 - post summer